The Republic is an investment and management company that specialises in startup and mezzanine stage enterprises. We focus on strong ideas that can be developed into successful businesses. Our work emphasises strategy coupled with creativity, individual talent and broad partnerships.

Manic Studios

Manic Studios is a full service creative campaign agency.

We help organisations create change by building an engaged and committed constituency through creative and compelling campaigns. Our work utilizes cross-platform content, and combines principles from the disciplines of online campaigning, advertising, and political communications.

Our team brings together specialists in online campaigning, storytelling, digital strategy, branding, video production and web development to offer a fully integrated approach, from strategy to execution.

Common Interest Media

Common Interest Media provide strategic advice and services to give your campaign a successful digital edge. We specialise in online advertising and social media marketing to ensure content is relevant, popular and targeted.


Pangea is a communications agency for social enterprises. We create campaign strategies and accompanying projects designed to help good causes find their audience.


NewsLab is a digital production house, specialising in creating content for social media campaigns.

We make original online content that is innovative, beautiful and irreverent, sometimes for clients and sometimes just for ourselves. We’re satirical, ethical, and fiercely opinionated.

Hollow Bear

Hollow Bear is a media production company. We produce The Roast, a daily ten-minute comedy news show, broadcast on ABC2.

Fossil Free

"fossilfree is part of the movement of everyday Australians who are shifting their money out of the fossil fuel industry and into sustainable solutions for the future. In a couple of simple steps we’ll help you cut through the greenwash and facilitate your decision to switch your money into banks, super funds and energy providers that offer genuine sustainable services. It’s free to sign up!"

Simon Sheikh - Founder

Urban Living

Our integrated approach to the delivery of Concierge, Building Management, Security and Lifestyle services enables us to ‘work smarter', building happy, functioning communities and satisfying the high standards and complex requirements demanded by the premium Luxury Apartment and Commercial Building markets.

We have a proven understanding of the ‘service delivery’ business and have invested more than 15 years developing and refining our staff training and support systems, customising our core services for each project.

Liquid Image

Liquid Image is an Australian business that has turned the traditional water bottle into a unique branding and promotional opportunity by offering customised bottled water. Liquid Image sources the finest quality, organic mineral water - bottled at the source at Kulnura, New South Wales, Australia.

Our Spring water has an exceptionally pure taste characterised by a crisp, clean palate.

Pro Production Solutions

Pro Production Solutions is a 100% Australian Owned, Hong Kong based company.

We work with a wide array of Australian and International fashion designers and brands assist them in establishing production processes and manufacturing partnerships that have enhanced their businesses.

Persuasive Conversations

Persuasive Conversations seeks to help NGOs make use of techniques beyond email for fundraising and advocacy. It has been developed by a team of people who are passionate about achieving meaningful social change in Australia and around the world.

Our comparative advantage is that we hire activists, not call centre workers. We train our people in the best techniques from our sector but combine these techniques with the passion of our activist community.

The previous work of our principals has proven that working with passionate campaigners and training them to be successful call centre operators works. We get better returns, better quality calls and we're supporting the development of the next generation of campaigners.

Public Policy Advocates Australia

PPAA is a political consultancy agency. We provide specialist advice to help progressives achieve electoral success. PPAA offers a broad suite of services tailored to modern campaigns - everything from strategy and planning to integrated digital services that build profile and community momentum.

Flying Pig

The Flying Pig makes bacon using free range pigs, sourced entirely from farms within NSW.

It’s chemical free, double cured using all natural ingredients and pasture raised pork. Our pork is sourced exclusively from Feather and Bone, who get their meat from local farmers they’ve personally visited – guaranteeing the provenance of their product as well as the welfare of the pigs.

Grace Films

A storytelling company creating feature films and network TV concepts.